Friday Fun Fact: July 25, 2014

Every Friday I will post a Fun Fact for your enjoyment.  These will usually consist of some kind of trivia that you can use to impress the ladies.  Check back every Friday for your weekly Friday Fun Fact.

Today’s Fun Fact:

Not Mickey Mantle.  Not Eddie Murray.  Not Roberto Alomar.

Vida Blue is the last switch hitter in the American League to win the MVP Award.  Vida Blue won the award pitching for the 1971 Oakland Athletics posting a 1.82 ERA, 24 Complete Games in 39 Starts, 8 Shutouts, 301 K’s in 312 IP’s, and a .095 WHIP.

Blue definitely did not win the award for his hitting prowess.  Blue had 12 hits in 102 At-Bats with 63 K’s in 1971.  But you can’t argue with that pitching line.  And his name makes it sound like he could be your grandmother.  Just more proof that baseball has the best names in all of sports.


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