Fun Fact Friday: August 15, 2014

Every Friday I will post a Fun Fact for your enjoyment.  These will usually consist of some kind of trivia that you can use to impress the ladies.  Check back every Friday for your weekly Friday Fun Fact.

Today’s Fun Fact:

Last Friday night the Baltimore Orioles celebrated their 60th season in Baltimore with a moving tribute to great Orioles players and seasons of the past and present.

The start of the Orioles franchise wasn’t exactly a bright one.  The St. Louis Browns moved to Baltimore to become the Orioles in 1954.  The Browns spent 51 years in St. Louis from 1901 to 1953.  In those 51 years the Browns enjoyed only 12 seasons with a winning record.  In 1939 the Browns suffered through a 43-111 season, still the worst record in franchise history.  They were able to participate in one World Series in 1944 against the St. Louis Cardinals.  This remains the only World Series to be played in just one ballpark, St. Louis’ Sportsman’s Park.  The Cardinals won that Series in six games.

On this day, August 15, 1954, the Orioles lost their 27th consecutive game as the visiting team in Cleveland with a 3-1 nightcap loss to the Indians. The record losing streak on the road against one opponent started on August 13, 1952 when the franchise played as the St. Louis Browns. 

Also on this day in 1955, back at Sportsman’s Park in St. Louis, Braves starting pitcher Warren Spahn hits a home run and a triple in his 12-1 complete-game victory over the Cardinals. The crafty left-hander, who ended up hitting 35 homers in his 21-year career, has now homered in every National League stadium.


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