When growing up in Baltimore, MD during the 1980’s you had only one choice to whet your sports appetite, and that was Orioles baseball.  The Colts snuck out of town in the middle of an unusually cold and snowy night at the end of March 1984 when I was just 3 years old.  My cognitive memories do not go back far enough for me to remember what Colts football was like.  But I do remember Orioles baseball.  Eddie Murray and Cal Ripken were heroes to me.  Living legends.  When Eddie Murray was traded from the Orioles to the Dodgers I remember crying real tears.  I don’t just mean “Ouch!  I stubbed my toe” tears.  I mean I cried violent tears that forced my body into uncontrollable convulsions like those people you see in those Evangelical churches on Sunday mornings.  Witnessing these tears would have made a grown man cry.  Anyway, I was upset.  I had to replace my love for Eddie Murray with guys like Mike Devereaux and Randy Milligan.  They had their moments, but lets just say that it was like spending your whole life with Kate Upton on your arm but waking up one day with Melissa McCarthey.  She seems like a cool chick and all, but she’s not Kate Upton.

I lived 13 years of my life with only Orioles baseball.  The Ravens came to Baltimore while I was in High School.  They sucked.  I didn’t care much for football.  The Ravens and football have grown on me since, but nothing will top my love for baseball and the Orioles.  I don’t possess the brilliant writing styles of some other sports writers and bloggers.  I don’t possess the knowledge of the game that many old-timers do.  But what I do possess is a true passion for the game of baseball, a witty style, and the ability to conduct massive amounts of research and compile loads of data.  You know, the boring busy work that everybody hates.  My goal with this blog is to create discussion, and maybe even a little controversy.  I will tell stories that many casual fans may not have knowledge of, and I will definitely upset people with my opinion.  But the goal is to have fun and maybe even learn something, and that is exactly what we will do.


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